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We're reimagining content creation.

We want to make creating content less boring work.

Our Team

Edward Tanoto

Founder, CEO

Third-year CS @University of Nottingham. Apart from winning the largest hackathon in SEA Garuda Hacks and being covered in The Jakarta Post, He independently founded a software studio to build web & apps for multiple industry leaders before he starts to embark on his own startup journey. He has done multiple Software Engineering internships, from an early-stage startup to a Series C startup.

Edward is fixing bugs happily, excitedly spamming frens with new plan strategy, ensuring we have cash, and shamelessly self-promoting Grammable

edtn.xyz | [email protected] | [email protected]

Jonathan Wijaya


Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate, Currently served as a Chief Business Officer of Sphere Studio, an International Creative Marketing Agency based in Tokyo, Japan. At 20 years old, he led the company to generate millions of yen in revenue. He did an internship at the Central Bank of Indonesia, honing his Financial and Investment skills.

Jonathan advises us related with Business Development in Grammable, where he brings in-depth market research, and pricing financial modelling.


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