gm fren

a.k.a Web3

Last updated at 16 May 2022


Our AI (still unnamed), can be your fren too! You just have to call "gm fren" and ask whatever you want related with Web3/blockchain technology. Just be sure that asking a fren for a Financial Advice and dumping your life saving into it is something we do not advise.

We have done our part, Edward here doing ✨quality control✨:

As you can see I have fun building this thing

What you cannot do

What we advise doing

Why don't you try put "gm fren" and ask "what is the difference between solana and ethereum network?"

My result:

Yes sirr, Solana is a Layer-1 blockchain, it's designed to process over 1 million transactions per second. Ethereum is a Layer-2 blockchain, it's designed to process around 15 transactions per second. wagmi-

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